Learn Bachata

Learn Bachata

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Bachata is one of the most fun, romantic latin dance styles...
Easy to learn too!

Bachata is

Bachata is originally from the Dominican Republic and has become one of the most popular Latin Dance styles around the globe.

Characterised by its eccentricity and unique flair, Bachata is unlike any other Latin Dance style, and it’s known for its sexy moves and easy to learn approach.

Bachata is for everyone!

Learn Bachata

Why Dance Bachata?
Is Bachata easy to Learn?

  • It's new, fun and easy!

    Bachata is one of the more modern Latin dance styles and is enjoyed by many countries around the world - including Australia. It's also fairly easy to pick up.

  • Meet and Dance with others

    Bachata can be danced alone but is meant to be danced with a partner (a lead and a follower). You'll be able to lead or follow Bachata after just a few lessons. Hit those dancefloors!

  • Great Exercise!

    If you're not a fan of the gym, then fear not. This can be a great way to keep fit and do cardio. You'll feel and look great as you learn and then practice both in and out of class what you've learned.

What does Bachata music sound like?

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Dance Bachata at Latin Dance Australia - Alexandria, NSW

Where can I learn how to dance Bachata?

Latin Dance Australia (or LDA for short) has two locations in the Sydney NSW area.

If you prefer in-person classes or private lessons, you will be able to attend at either our Glebe and Alexandria location.

We also provide Online Classes as well as Private Online classes.

Why learn Bachata at
Latin Dance Australia?

At LDA, we love Bachata. Our Bachata teachers started the same way you have and now they hope to pass on that passion and love to others.

They are dedicated to the dance, many of them having Bachata championship titles to their belts… but being a champion does not necessarily make someone a great teacher.

Which is why we pride ourselves on having instructors that can teach anyone – as long as that person is willing to give it a shot.

If you want to learn, we will do what we can to teach you.

That’s our promise to you.

Bachata World Champions. Be taught by the best.

Have any questions?

You should not have much difficulty learning the basics and then picking up the rest!

It's all about your attitude.

On top of the original "Bachata" (Dominican Bachata) we also teach Bachata Sensual and BachaTango which is a fusion of Bachata and Tango.

Salsa is faster than Bachata so Bachata is considered easier. However, you can and should try learning both.

As you improve your Musicality and Rhythm which is useful for many dances and not just Bachata and Salsa.

You will also find that wherever Salsa is usually played such as clubs and pubs, that Bachata is usually played as well.


If you contact us, we can give you a free 7 day trial that you can use to attend in-person classes in either our Alexandria or Glebe studios.

In addition, you can access our Online Streamed classes if you're unable to attend in person.


You can reach us on Facebook, Instagram or Over the Phone: (02) 9552 3352 / Int: +61 2 9552 3352

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